With over a decade of experience creating high-end branded video and digital advertising for some of the biggest names in the craft beer industry (Sierra Nevada, Stone, Anchor and more) Redtail Media has expanded its grown its branded work to include marquee clients like Tesla, British Airways, and The Hidden Sea.

We’ve also made deep strides into the cannabis, military, sports, and biomedical industries.

Each new project is an exciting opportunity to showcase our strong visual and storytelling expertise and the journey has been incredible!

equity crowdfunding.

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  • Challenge: help a 2-story brand focus their messaging, raise awareness of a pressing issue in individual sports, and help them generate leads for funding their solution.
  • Solution: re-write their brand strategy, brand story, corporate mission, and overall messaging—both internally and externally. Design, write, and produce rich media content to support their new direction, build their social media presence from scratch, and re-do their entire website.


  • Thousands of investors.
  • Over 1 million dollars raised in the first month.
  • Nearly 20% conversion rate.
  • Tremendous uptick in social media and social engagement, with brand loyalty starting to take root.


  • International recognition for printing a miniature human heart prototype.
  • Their successful first round, and scientific progress, has led to a second round of funding.

BrewDog Brewery

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digital marketing.

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